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Weight-Loss Surgical Operation in Iran – Liposuction and Lipomatic Surgery Cost in Iran

Weight-Loss Surgical Operation in Iran is the fat burning related words we regularly hear these days. Apparently, gaining weight is the door to many sicknesses, however several of which are really destructive such as diabetes type2, stroke, different types of cancer and many others. The fact that obesity contributes to the world of sickness does attribute to the low quality of sick people’s life. Fat mass does not support physical activities and simply can lead to depression as well. It is distinctly perceived why everybody seeks losing weight methods.

weight loss surgery in Iran packages

Gastric Sleeve in Iran

Gastric Sleeve in Iran

Surgery 2999$
Economy 3185$
Compact 3368$
Comfort 3650$

in gastric sleeve surgery, surgeons remove part of your stomach and make it smaller.

Gastric Bypass in Iran

Gastric Bypass in Iran

Surgery 2999$
Economy 3185$
Compact 3368$
Comfort 3650$

in gastric bypass, the surgeon makes small intestine to change the way of digest.

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Weight-Loss Surgical Operation in Iran

One method of losing weight the physician makes changes to the stomach and small intestine to change the way they absorb and digest food.

Although this method aids weight loss but it limits the nutrients that your body is able to ingest, therefore it may include promoting your diet with vitamin supplements:

  • Iron Calcium
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B12

In this procedure surgical staples are used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach. Then, the pouch is attached to the small intestine, disregarding (bypassing) the rest of the stomach. This means it takes less food to make you feel full and you'll absorb fewer calories from the food you eat.

Weight loss surgery is one of the uncomplicated ways to lose weight and become fit. For each method of weight loss each operation the procedure is different so the surgeon and the patient will have negotiations on the expectations and possibilities.

Fat Loss Operation in Iran

Through other method or operation for losing weight, the surgeon reduces the amount of the stomach to about 15 percent. So, the person, quickly, feels full and there will be no problem of overeating. There is a restrict diet right after this type of surgery to let the stomach being recovered and getting used to the new size. This method is not suitable for everyone and there has to be a vast study of the side effects before going under surgery.

All methods of weight-loss operation are to help losing excess weight. The procedure prevents having large amount of food so the surgeon must be expert enough to know all operation types comprehensively. Some weight-loss operation methods are Controllable stomach ring, Gastric bypass, Gastric balloon and Gastric sleeve.


Having heard the name of Laparoscopy, you may have heard how safe it is as well, unlike other invasive thus open methods.
Weight-loss surgery in Iran, today, is one of the most popular weight loss methods for those who are obese and overweight as well.
Doing the checkup tests and consulting with an expert is a safe way to know whether one is a good candidate for the surgery or not.
We all know that each type of medical surgery has its own advantages and disadvantages thus for a patient to decide which is suitable, he has to consult with the most proficient experts to have both favorable outcome and less side effects. To have this desired result our doctors and surgeons are highly recommended.

Liposuction in Iran

Liposuction, a surgical method, uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific parts of the body, like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, or neck. It is also used to shape the mentioned areas. Liposuction is a fat removal method which is better not to be used as a substitute for fat mass surgery.

Is Liposuction applicable for me?

Although diet and exercise burn fat, but there is no way of getting rid of excess fat in particular areas. Some parts of the body store fat, so when you lose weight by going on a diet or doing exercise, your body loses fat based on your genetics. As the rest of the body gets thinner, the accumulated fat will be evident in those areas. These areas are around the thighs, abdomen, back, and sides in females and are more on the sides and abdomen in males. Liposuction works selectively by removing fatty tissue in the desired areas. Occasionally liposuction is the only way to get rid of the fat without losing a lot of weight. If you need to remove fat in some specific parts of your body then it is the best way.

Who are the best candidates for Liposuction?

As mentioned above, in case of fat accumulation in particular areas, Liposuction is good. Candidates who agreed on doing Liposuction are usually not obese but rather overweight. Thus according to experts, patients should have a BMI (body mass index) of less than 35 and preferably less than 30. As BMI increases, the results will not be desirable and the risks expand. In addition to BMI, expert or surgeon must have a close examination of patients skin. People with low skin elasticity show less favored outcomes then are not good candidates for Liposuction.

Further Information About Weight-Loss Operation in Iran

Thanks to Laparoscopy, many weight-loss operations are being done closed and safer. Most common types of gastric surgeries are: 1. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass laparoscopy 2. Adjustable gastric banding laparoscopy. 3.Sleeve gastrectomy (a weight loss surgery that reduces about 15% of its original size of the stomach). 4.Double bile switch or a shortcut with bile deflection.

Studies have shown that gastric bypass surgery has the highest weight reduction both long and short term. Weight-loss surgeries, like all types of operations, have their own risks and side effects as well.

How Much Do Weight-Loss Operations Cost in Iran and Other countries?

Like Rhinoplasty, it is completely affordable to have any types of weight-loss operation in Iran; mentioning that, here, in Iran, we benefit having the most skilled yet proficient doctors. To say an example, weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass in Iran costs between 16 to 20 million and fortunately Insurance companies cover the cost for the BMIs higher than 35.

Before taking any actions on having weight-loss operation, read about all the methods carefully and do consult with our experts to have your desired outcome.


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Obesity Operation in Iran

A gastrectomy is an operation through which the whole or a part of the stomach is removed. Often, this procedure is used as a way to treat stomach cancer, thus prevent it from metastasis.

As we all know modern life has affected our lives negatively in some ways. One of these effects include too much calorie our body takes, so many of us is suffering from obesity yet the diseases arising from obesity. Practically, obesity surgery or bariatric surgery refers to diverse procedures, each completely specialized, to help people cut back on fat in a possible short time. Simply put, all of the techniques of the so called surgeries are available in Iran. Methods are divided into two principals; first surgeries in which some parts of digestive system are removed, second the methods in which accumulated fat under the skin is removed laparoscopically i.e. Liposuction or Lipomatic.


Weight Loss Surgery FAQ

What are the advantages of having weight-loss surgery done in Iran?

Following you can see the advantages:

  • Much lower cost compared to any other countries.
  • Proficient yet skilled surgeons.
  • Losing weight in a short and desirable amount of time.

What is it about having my surgery done by an Iranian Surgeon?

Due to the fast weight-loss of the slimming operations, you have to pay much attention to what your surgeon recommends and prescribe. Then what could be better than relying on competent, proficient and experienced Iranian surgeons.

What considerations do I have to pay attention?

Mostly post-surgery considerations for all types of weight-loss operation are the same.

  • Be sure to rest for the first few days after surgery.
  • Rest and rest for the first few days.
  • Drink fluids for the very first days.
  • Follow a proper diet which is given to you after the surgery.
  • Control your appetite under a dietitian supervision.

What kind of services do we offer?

There are currently two weight-loss surgeries being done in Iran. Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve which have shown to be more effective.

What is the best type of surgery for me?

Not everyone is not a candidate for weight loss surgery. As a candidate for surgery for weight loss one must be:

  • Healthy enough to go through the procedure
  • Able to handle rapid physical changes that happen after months
  • Willing to accept a major life-changing variation

How much do weight-loss surgeries cost in Iran?

Like Rhinoplasty, it is completely affordable to have any types of weight-loss operation in Iran; mentioning that, here, in Iran, we benefit having the most skilled yet proficient doctors. To say an example, weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass in Iran costs between 16 to 20 million and fortunately Insurance companies cover the cost for the BMIs higher than 35.