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nose job in Iran

Undoubtedly, nose job is the most favored cosmetic surgery in Iran. Having performed more than 80,000 nose jobs annually which is seven times that of the U.S has made Iran the capital of plastic surgeries. This amazing success rate comes from so many factors such as new surgical methods, competitive prices and more importantly proficient surgeons and doctors which led to high level of satisfaction. All in all, as Iran has one of the best services, no surprise that is the final destination of many folks for their nose job surgery.

Rhinoplasty Packages

Primary Rhinoplasty Package

Primary Rhinoplasty Package

  • Economy Package 1445$
  • Compact package 1745$
  • Comfort package 1845$
Primary rhinoplasty in Iran + All-inclusive packages, 24/7 customer support, follow-up.
Revision Rhinoplasty Package

Revision Rhinoplasty Package

  • Economy Package 1845$
  • French-made Implants 436$
  • Compact package 2045$
  • Comfort package 2245$
Revision rhinoplasty for patients who have had an unsuccessful primary nose job before.
Self-made Rhinoplasty Package

Self-made Rhinoplasty Package

  • Primary Rhinoplasty 1280$
  • Revision Rhinoplasty 1580$
  • Compact package 2045$
Primary/revision rhinoplasty with selective services that each contains an extra cost.

Rhinoplasty Iran; Significance Role of Nose in the Face

Significance Role of Nose in the Face

Nose enjoys a notability in terms of its role in beautifying the face. Though the form is a big concern for many as some deformities are so effective in overall beauty and self-confidence. Disorders like polyps and respiratory problems on the other hand are possible nose job surgeries causes.

Why do people choose rhinoplasty?

The above points indicate that there are two purposes for rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, a surgeon who is usually an Otorhinolaryngologist or a plastic surgeon, has to have sufficient knowledge, in addition to be completely aware of the function of the nose and is cautious about making any changes before the very steps of surgery. What is the function of rhinoplasty? What kind of impairs and problems it fixes? How to be prepared for the surgery? These are the questions one should be asking before taking any steps. If you are thinking of having a nose job, this is to inform you of the operation, potential risks and recovery process to make the best decision. To sum up do not forget to check out our incomparable packages! In the case that no one will be your company just be calm and trust Cafeetravel as we will be by your side from the beginning so there remains no complications.

Nose Job Surgery in Iran

Among those popular plastic surgeries, nose job is at the top; so many people trust the surgeons, hospitals and medical equipment and do it once or twice a year. Hospitals and beauty clinics have recently received many guests as their patients for rhinoplasty whether domestic or foreign ones. Well here is a question. What really makes Iran “the center” for nose job? There are loads of reasons which witness Iran, becoming as the medical tourism hub. If you are seeking out cosmetic surgery in Iran, the following advantages will convince you to choose us

.• Economical cost in medical system

• Well-equipped hospitals and clinics

• Competent, proficient and skillful doctors and surgeons

Nose Job Surgery in Iran

Rhinoplasty Cost in Iran

Rhinoplasty Cost in Iran

The cost of rhinoplasty differs on the basis of many factors. “how much money do I need to spend “is possibly the very first question one will ask after any major thoughts. After the first sessions of examination, the doctor or the surgeon will clarify on the type of surgery the candidate needs. Alternately, there are residents in educational hospitals that perform the surgeries in low prices that will normally result in undesirable outcomes with inaccessible consequences thus it is not recommended at all!

Effective Factors in Rhinoplasty Costs in Iran

Factors to determine the price of nose job are as following:

  • Candidates’ type of nose
  • Nasal disorders
  • Clinics’ facilities and equipment
  • Surgeon’s legal charges

Candidate’s Nose Type

A nose shape is the most important factor that affects the performance undoubtedly. One’s nose is totally from others’ so the process of surgery differs with each single person. There are two categories of candidates for rhinoplasty; fleshy and bony which have different ways of operation. Observations have shown the fleshy ones to be overpriced.

Bony Nose Job Cost

In this case the cost depends on the bulge in the back of the nose, assuming there are no polyps or deviation, if so, the cost increases.

Candidate’s Nose Type

Nasal Difficulties and Their Level

Nasal Difficulties and Their Level

Usual nasal problems are: nose deviation, fracture and polyps according to which first the surgeon has to eliminate them, then cosmetic dimension appears. To sum up, nasal problems are determining final prices.

Open Nose Job

The second yet more popular rhinoplasty method in Iran is open surgery. In this way, the skin of the nose is cut from the columellate area (middle septum of the nose) and the skin is removed off the underlying tissue, which is cartilage, then according to the patient's opinion and the doctor's discretion, different parts of cartilage and bone are corrected, thus the skin will be stitched to its first place.

In this case, the surgeon has more access to the structure of the nose and is able to easily shape the nose by shaving it and shaping the cartilage. As the name implies, for open nasal surgery, an incision is made between two nostrils to separate them completely. In this case, the skin is removed from the complete cartilage of the nose and gives a better view to the surgeon to perform this surgery. Advantages of this method are: viewing cartilage directly and reshaping with more control and precision.

Reasons you might need nose job

• Cut nose length • Harmonize the face • Straighten curved noses • Boost self confidence • Enhance airflow in the nose • Flatten the protrusions of the nose • Resolve respiratory problems • Tighten flat noses • Re-harmonize the injured noses

open nose job

Is the cost of secondary rhinoplasty higher than the first nasal surgery?

Is the cost of secondary rhinoplasty higher than the first nasal surgery?

Occasionally, we get unsatisfactory result from prior nasal surgery, therefore a secondary rhinoplasty to correct or improve the deformed nose following prior nasal surgery is needed for which the experts recommend at least a year after the primary one. Generally, a secondary surgery costs more than a first-time but it also depends on the width of deformity. For instance, it can be related to taking off the fins or placing cartilage which is a simple task. In some other cases, for example, the patients need fillers or injections that are commonly done in the clinics.Typically, the cost of a secondary surgery relies on the surgeon himself and/or the 1st operation.

Laser Nose Surgery

Laser rhinoplasty aesthetically-speaking is the most preferred nose operation. However, it is not suitable for everyone. If you have a big and curved nose or Roman nose, you need to have rhinoplasty operation. This procedure is not suitable for you.

Compared to nose surgery, laser assisted rhinoplasty is simple and works like magic. It is possible to determine the operations to be applied on your nose only after you are medically examined. The skin on the nose surface is made thinner and the excessive skin tissues are reduced through laser rhinoplasty. In this procedure, your skin on the nose receives heat from lasers. We constrain the skin on the nose via laser. This way, we receive better results in smaller nose problems. You should see your doctor and decide whether reshaping your nose will satisfy your expectations or not. Laser Rhinoplasty, which provides better results through smaller touches, is widely-known and applied today.

The term “surgery” might be scary for many people. Due to the fear that patients may experience some complications after the surgery, laser rhinoplasty has become a highly-preferred operation. When we consider about recovery process including bruises, edemas, bleeding and bandages on nose after the operation, laser rhinoplasty is mostly a trouble-free process. The application lasts about 1-2 hours and the patients may return to their daily life in 1-2 days. Since it requires no surgery, people who have a shortage of time prefer this procedure.

Laser Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty Types

Rhinoplasty Types

Types of rhinoplasty differ according to the needs of each single person. Reading this article, you will see different types of nose job, you will find out what kind of rhinoplasty one might need, therefore you choose the best way here in Iran. This article is a guide to single out the best type of cosmetic nasal surgery. You may decide to have rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of your nose. Another reason for rhinoplasty may be breathing difficulties or correction of abnormalities caused by trauma or congenital disabilities.Principally, there are two main types of nasal surgery; Open and Closed one. Besides, three other types exist, Secondary Rhinoplasty, Filler Rhinoplasty and Reduction rhinoplasty.

10 Steps of Preparation for Nasal Surgery in Iran

How does one prepare for a surgery? What are the necessities one should do before a nasal surgery? Any single type of surgery is definitely in need of specific preparation and rhinoplasty is of no exception. Sometimes unfavorable yet gloomy thoughts cross our minds when it gets closer to due date but getting acquainted with the process and getting familiar with possible consequences break the negativity.

Here are the steps one should take:

  1.  Get medical history and a list of the medications, if any
  2.  take High quality pictures of the nose from different angles
  3.  Assess the whole body
  4.  A CAT-scan if necessary
  5.  Avoid certain medications which will be clarified by the doctor
  6.  Quit Smoking until a certain time after surgery
  7.  Empty Stomach 10 hours before the surgery
  8.  No Makeup or jewelry Allowed in the operation room
  9.  Take shower before the operation
  10.  Make sure to bring all the necessary documents e.g. Passport, ID card, Medical images or any other documents related to the surgery 

10 Steps of Preparation for Nasal Surgery in Iran

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty is considered as one of the most challenging types of surgeries among all types of cosmetic surgeries. Due to have a complex structure, it is difficult to perform any surgery on it, even for the first time. Therefore, decide on the best revision nose surgeon is one of the most important things you should do before this surgery.

Second time surgery is needed when a person is not satisfied with the result of the first surgery. It does not matter whether the first surgery is cosmetic or therapeutic, to solve the problem, it is crucial to perform the surgery, accurately and finely again.

Mostly, people with respiratory system problems or persistent problem which has not been solved before, or who are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose are best candidates.

Below, at a short notice, we discuss the reasons to have the second time operation. Unexpected tip of the nose: After rhinoplasty, the patient might not be satisfied with the result in the tip, it may be ended too rounded or else.

The uneven length between nostrils: This may occur because of inaccuracy, but remember that choosing an experienced surgeon can prevent it. Sizable nose: Most people tend to have small nose after rhinoplasty, and if not so, they are not satisfied with the result. Respiratory problems and dry nose: Such problems mostly happen when the surgeon is not qualified and skillful and are totally stoppable. A whole dissatisfaction with the initial operation: Any reason a patient might have; he is not contented with the outcome. Crooked nose: Any one especially athletes might experience it!

Revision Rhinoplasty Method in Iran

Similar to the initial rhinoplasty, two open and closed methods are used. Which of these methods works best for you depends on the purpose of the procedure and the condition of your nose.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Having chosen the best reconstructive nasal surgeon, he/she tries to use internal wounds to reform the problems and difficulties. However, if this is not possible for any reason, the rhinoplasty specialist may make a few small external incisions. Under these circumstances, the surgeon will have uncomplicated access to the cartilage and bone of the nose to reshape and improve the function of the respiratory system.

Generally, closed nasal surgery is of more benefits and less risk for nasal tissues. Reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, allows the surgeon to have extensive access to the bone and cartilage of the nose and make the necessary changes. To create symmetry and fix the problem, the surgeon may decide to add or remove some part of the cartilage. If extra cartilage is needed, the surgeon can use the cartilage in the person's ear. Of course, these days, other materials can also be used as implants.

Due to the fact that the nasal tissue is already damaged and is now more sensitive, the time required to perform this surgery is much longer than the initial one.

Impressive Aspects for Rhinoplasty in Iran

It has definitely crossed our minds to get nose job at least once in our lives, though we might have been stopped back when difficulties and possible risks replace with the joy. The difficulties might be, choosing skillful and trusty surgeon, determining what method to take and the recovery period. It is more convenient to take each step wisely.

Prior to surgery preparation tips in Iran

Post-Surgery Tips and Points

• Any prescriptions or remedies will be given to the patient right on the due date.

• Surgeons highly recommend not to have anything except water 12 hours before the operation starts

. • Have someone along to make ease of everything for which we have special unique offers as well.

Recovery Process in Iran

Like any other operation, any one might have bruises or inflation and rhinoplasty is of no exception. All the post-surgery issues e.g. inflation, are getting healed from 2 weeks up to one year from the operation. Some tools, such as plastic splints to be put on the nose, help reducing the possible pains

As it is clear, both initial and secondary nose job have the same recovery process.

Rhinoplasty in Iran- Nose Job in Iran

Rhinoplasty, a surgery on the nose to change its shape and intensify facial unity, or raise its function can improve some problems such as breathing difficulties due to anatomical nasal problems. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the world, yet Iran. 

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Iran

Here in Iran, you will be visited by the best, skilled and efficient surgeons in the best and most equipped clinics with the most up-to-date technology in the world.

The Most Affordable Prices

Candidates enjoy best nose job operation hence the most cost-effective prices in Iran. 
Contacting Cafeemedical to book an appointment with our doctors will bring a great comfort for you.  


FAQs about Rhinoplasty and the Costs in Iran

What are the influential factors on rhinoplasty outcome?

Skin type, age and other aspects are important for the surgery. The surgeon has to mind all of these to contribute the best advice. The result of rhinoplasty is evident after a year and unfortunately there are lots of people who want to make you dissatisfied, so just be patient and do not lose faith if you have chosen the best surgeon. The anatomy of nose is different in each person, so the outcomes might be different as well. Experienced yet wise surgeon will think about beautifying patients face rather than paying attention to unworkable demands. What a patient see at the end depends on both the surgeon’s tact and post-operative care.

Is hospitalizing necessary for rhinoplasty in Iran?

Nasal surgery is mostly a same-day surgery, but sometimes the patient may be hospitalized overnight according to what the surgeon recognizes. Depending on the type of anesthesia and the complexity of the surgery, it may also be performed under general anesthesia.

Is there a fixed formula to see what shape is best for me?

To be reasonable one should consider the changes alongside other components and not individually so that the final outcome is much prettier.

How much does a rhinoplasty surgery cost in Iran?

Like other parts of the world, the cost of rhinoplasty depends on several factors in Iran. Usually after the first session of check-ups and examinations the surgeon will clarify the costs and payments methods but to have a satisfactory result you should not hold on the lower prices solely.

How long the recovery will last?

Almost all patients are able to go back to normal life within 7 to 10 days. However, some people are more conscious about the bruises or the inflation and take more days off. What surgeons usually recommend is 1 to 2 weeks resting.

How many types of rhinoplasty are there?

Based on each person’s desire, the surgery type varies. Largely rhinoplasty is of two main types; open and closed one. Though there are other types e.g. secondary, filler injection and so on.