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Medical Tourism, by far, is one of the growing industries in Iran, so it is well known for one of the cheapest destinations of health and cosmetic treatments in the world especially the Middle-east. Having the best yet qualified doctors plus high quality services alongside reasonable prices have placed Iran among those top countries. CafeeMedical, as one of the best agents of medical tourism provides and offers the best services yet the most reliable surgeons and doctors in the most equipped clinics and hospitals. Besides a boarding customer support and committed nurses are other facilities one can enjoy so just book your special tour and feel comfortable.

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Dentistry in iran

Dentistry in iran

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Nose Job In Iran

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Weight loss surgery in iran

Medical Tourism Iran

One of the world yet middle east leaders in medical tourism is Iran. Having risen in demands, medical tours has had remarkable growth in recent years. Nowadays, there are various medical tour packages which are being offered to tourists who consider Iran for treatments. Fortunately, the services offered in medical tour in Iran meet all the patients’ needs from the first moments and so on.
With reference to history, it is gained that Medical Tourism is not a new issue in Iran, rather Iran has a good reputation for it.
Providing the above reasons, Iran has set its goal to benefit from this potential and determine its name as the center of medical tourism.
Proportionately, the goal is to outpace its annual medical travelers to around 2 million in March 2025-March 2026.
For many reasons, medical tourism is growing fast in Iran. Despite the covid-19 pandemic, people would like to travel to Iran for medical tours. Many cities like Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan and distinctively Tehran are the hosts for so called services.

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Nowadays, selecting the desirable tour or package is a true concern. Several questions cross our minds, e.g. Which tour is qualified? What’s the best tour price? Will it be safe if I paid an upfront deposit? Are the reviews on a local operator’s website reliable?


Iran medical tours

The practice and study of medicine in Iran has a long and prolific history. The Iranian academic capitals like Jundishapur University -3rd century AD- were a development ground for the union among great scientists from different civilizations.
Having an admirable history in medical sciences, many patients tend to choose Iran as their destination for their medical affairs. On the other hand, there are a lot of Iranian surgeons who go abroad to update their knowledge and experiences.


Medical tour in Iran

Briefly, Iran’s skilled doctors, top medical tours, economical prices beside many attractions have caused Iran becoming the center of medical tourism in the middle east.

Skillful yet qualified Iranian Doctors:

To have competent and mature surgeons has led Iran to boast them and medical advancements as well. Back in history, it is understood that Iranians have played an important role in medical advances. Although it may be “not very high lighted “but the increase of medical tourism, Iran is getting much more credit compared to the recent years. Many people while seeking out medical services, face Iran as it has skillful and qualified doctors.

Iran’s Cost-efficient Medical Tours:

Day by day, healthcare costs are growing and we may have experienced the feeling in which we perceive we just can’t afford the cost any longer. Further, medical tours in Iran are really economical. Through many issues, Iran’s Rial is much lower than most currencies in the world. Accordingly, medical centers are offering the most up to date treatments with the most economical prices. Even if you add other expenses such as accommodation and commuting prices it may end to an equal price in other countries. Here in Cafeemedical, we offer the best services with the most cost-efficient prices.

Iran’s Attractions:

Iran, a vast enormous country full of glorious historical attractions and breathtaking natural sights is definitely a top travel destination for any affection. Although it is quite insufficient to travel to Iran even in one month but it’s possible to plan a fulfilling trip that covers the best destinations, the most significant Iran’s attractions, and most enjoyable things to do in Iran based on your preferences. By having enough information about Iran, you’ll be able to get the most out of your time, visit attractions that are most accordant with your taste and have unique experiences in addition to legitimate ones. We recommend to book our special tours to have both an enjoyable trip and a safe yet magnificent surgery

Process of Medical Tourism:

Step 1: Visit
Visit the website and seek your treatment (Medical or Cosmetic) and get the information from the website.
Step 2: Contact us whether talk to our consultant, doctors and specialists and evaluate medical conditions. Our consultants will contact you between 24-48 hours to interact about the inquiry, expectations, medical backgrounds and more.
Step 3: Getting full information about the patient will be done through the calls between him/her and the consultant.
Step 4: Doctors will check the submitted information of patients.
Step 5: Information including treatment continuation, recovery time, treatment plan and a video conference with the doctor if needed.
Step 6: Booking hotels, hospitals and clinics will be The next step according to what has been negotiated and preferred.
Step 7: Travel preparation e.g. visa process, plane tickets, accommodation will be taken care of at this step.
Step 8: Right at the time you arrive in Iran, an assistant and an interpreter are there to help through all your cases, checking in the hotel, visits to the doctor both before surgery and post recovery.
Step 9: We remain as a bridge to stay connected with doctors in Iran.

Why is Cafeemedical One of the Best Iranian medical tourism companies?

Today, we are among the best medical tours in Iran. Clearly, we have joined the business with an extensive plan to “Cover All” and have considered of any and every interest and call our customers might have and have covered it in our services. We have been deeply in the business so we have learned about the peaks and valleys of running a medical tour company. Appointing us, you will have everything you need and more with top exceptional services. We consider the responsibilities and are remained liable in all situations with respect to our services.

Thanks to our competent team, any situation can be dealt with brilliantly and we guarantee our customers not to worry about even a tiny problem, because Cafeemedical medical Tour agency conducts everything entirely. Our cordial, supportive and receptive behavior is recognized by the customers. Try it by contacting us!

Iran Medical Tourism

As a developing country, Iran has attracted many medical tourist’s attentions. Although Iran’s medical history goes back to ancient time, it has recently showed great success in both doctors’ and surgeons’ knowledge and skill yet accessing to the world-class medical centers. According to the statistics many Iranian surgeons are now giving advices to health centers around the world which is a proof for their level of experience hence their skill.

Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

Global studies reported on cosmetic surgery and demonstrated that Iran is the country with the highest rate of cosmetic procedures.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Iran

As mentioned earlier, Iranian plastic surgeons are among the best ones in terms of knowledge and skill.
For further information on Iran medical tourism and the packages as well, contact our consultants in Cafeemedical for free.

Medical Tour FAQ

How much does a nose surgery cost in Iran?

Rhinoplasty costs from 1285$ in Iran.

How long do I have to stay in Iran for the surgery?

How long you stay vary depending on the surgery and the condition and is better to be consulted with the doctor or surgeon.

What about my medical visa?

Our services are all-inclusive so we provide all the requests you have made, e.g. medical visa, tickets, accommodation and etc.

What other services are in the packages?

We are completely aware of how stressful even eating can be when you are thinking about visiting a doctor regarding a problem, let alone in another country, going under surgery. We are absolutely here to help you feel better through the process and post remedy. Accommodation, transfer, visits to the doctors and buying medications are other services we offer.

Does Iran have a Good Healthcare System?

Iran is ranked among the top 30th healthcare systems in the world. Besides it has been investing in medical tourism mostly in cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mashhad. Iran has world-famous doctors in almost all fields likewise equipped yet remarkable hospitals and clinics.

Why are medical costs inexpensive in Iran?

The low cost of medical and cosmetic services in Iran is due to the difference between the value of Iranian currency (Iranian Rial) and us dollar and euros, so, it has made Iran one of the best destinations for Medical Tourism.